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Mike Lees Designs


UK Premiere
Josep Maria Benet I Journet
20 South Street
2010 White Bear Theatre
Directed Julia Stubbs Hughes

"Lees design for the set in the black box theatre is roughly a road, with three white dashes running, slanted along the middle. Piles of charcoal sit in the corners, creating a peculiarly desolate effect, while a few black leaves are stuck to the floor. A textured board hangs along the wall at the back with pink and blue lights illuminating it at the beginning. A table and two chairs sit upstage. The overall effect is a disconcerting fusion between the isolation of the empty road and the play's self searching theme. Gregson's openness appropriately conforms to this barren roadside, and it also echoes the stark sense of Cleare being inwardly lost."
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