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Mike Lees Designs


Nigel Planer
2008 Landor theatre
Directed: Rob McWhir

"The Landor picked it up and did it without my knowledge, but seeing it done straight off the page was really a lesson. And they'd done some brilliant things with it. Rob McWhir and Mike Lees just made some really simple but clever choices and it made me realise 'oh all that complicated thinking!' I found it so refreshing. Rather than expanding it, they'd obviously contracted it which made it better."
Nigel Planer (in conversation with British theatre guide)

"Mike Lees production design is remarkable. Anyone who knows the nice but modest Landor will be dumbfounded by the mere presence of this monster of a set. Scaffolding, gauzes soaked in plaster, a pinkish terracotta feel and an expanse of arched plaster ceiling reaching out over the audience, longjohns and codpieces and more props than you can shake a chisel at. Splendid!"
David Hermann
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